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๐Ÿ’ป Operating system options

Fydetab Duo is designed to run FydeOS by default. However, you may also boot and run other open-source operating systems.

Factory default OS: FydeOS quick startโ€‹

When you first press the power on button on your Fydetab Duo and boot it up for the first time, you will be greeted by FydeOS.

Out-of-box experienceโ€‹

  • Activation wizard: On the first boot, FydeOS will initiate what is usually called the "out-of-box experience" - a fancy way of saying "activation wizard".
  • Information requirements: During OOBE, it will ask for certain information such as your language, keyboard layout, wifi details, user account details and credentials. Most of these should be self-explanatory.

Account optionsโ€‹

  • FydeOS Account: You can choose from using a FydeOS account, a Google account, or a completely offline "local account" to continue using FydeOS.
    • Account creation: If you have yet to have a FydeOS or a Google account, you are also given the option to create one right on the page.
    • Cloud functionalities: Using an online account with FydeOS will enable extra cloud-powered functionalities, for example, profile and preferences synchronisation.

Starting your journeyโ€‹

  • Browser app: Once you are landed on the desktop, you can start your journey by launching the "browser" app to access your favourite web apps.
  • Android subsystem: FydeOS will also prompt you to activate the "Android subsystem" by sending you a system notification; following the instructions and accepting the Terms will enable you to utilise the built-in Android support to run thousands of Android apps.
  • FydeOS Store: Do check out the FydeOS Store; it's a good starting point to install some of the essentials.

Advanced featuresโ€‹

  • Linux subsystem: If you know your way around the Linux command line, you can also enable the Linux subsystem within FydeOS to utilise a fully self-contained Debian 12 environment.
    • Access: You can find it under the "FydeOS settings" - "Developer" tab.

Support and helpโ€‹

  • It's recommended to familiarise yourself with the FydeOS help website, and I am sure the contents will help you navigate through the daily usage of FydeOS.

Alternative operating systemsโ€‹

You can find them here.

  • openFyde
  • Debian
  • Arch Linux
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • AOSP