OS Release/openFyde/r102-20221215

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openFyde for Fydetab Duo

Release version


Download links

Direct link: https://download.fydeos.io/fydetabduo/fydetab_duo-openfyde-r102-update-20221215.img.xz

Mirror link: https://fydeos-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/fyde_fydeos_partner_onmschina_cn/EV5ZY0Tg5TNDmH_jlgH-z8QBLNn73rB3Tq0VgI0x4iDtRg?e=wDH99p

SHA256(fydetab_duo-openfyde-r102-update-20221215.img.xz)= 876229f6e521710db9d1b6de01b2f78dae338e93fa9c0b3a5063f9858a5a93ba

Release note


  • Added experimental support for ArcHeroNG - Android subsystem implementation based on AOSP 11

Known issues

  • There is a chance that the system may not be able to wake up from sleep if an Android app runs in the foreground before the OS is put to sleep.