OS Release/Ubuntu Touch/preview1-20221215

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Ubuntu Touch for Fydetab Duo

Release version

Preview 1 (Build preview1-20221215)

Download links

Direct link: https://download.fydeos.io/fydetabduo/fydetab_duo-ubuntu-touch-update-20221215.img.xz

Mirror link: https://fydeos-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/fyde_fydeos_partner_onmschina_cn/ESxrzrwvhMpBpb7zh9FUE7gB85t2faXBNgVEF_8bs8Ph_A?e=d2kSps

SHA256(fydetab_duo-ubuntu-touch-update-20221215.img.xz)= 199906f5219277380a54c3b5a121bf3a904bb81588a8df2520da124135038d3b

Release note


Initial release of Ubuntu Touch port for Fydetab Duo. Supports:

  • Booting
  • wifi connection
  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard and touchpad

Known issues

It's still in the early porting stage; the following features are still under development:

  • UI with hardware acceleration
  • Accelerometer to detect screen rotation
  • Power button and fingerprint sensor
  • Hall sensor to detect the close lid event
  • System sleep