OS Release/Arch Linux/preview1-20221219

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Arch Linux for Fydetab Duo

Release version

Preview 1 (Build preview1-20221219)

Download links

Direct link: https://download.fydeos.io/fydetabduo/fydetab_duo-archlinux-update-20221219.img.xz

Mirror link: https://fydeos-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/fyde_fydeos_partner_onmschina_cn/EdVSYqlugmdCkhcRd0NUK5MB5e7yv2nhXpFsjJrErH2ElQ?e=34F1RR

SHA256(fydetab_duo-archlinux-update-20221219.img.xz)= 71b1cf3c6fa4aea650c877eb9fd91eaeb179b53562a534eebce69abe7766570a

Release note


Initial release of Arch Linux port for Fydetab Duo.

Useful things to note:

  • Default login credentials: alarm/root alarm
  • Using iwd to connect to the internet: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/iwd
  • This release of Arch Linux does not bundle with a default Desktop Environment, if you want one, you need to install it yourself

Known issues It's still in the early porting stage; the following features are still under development:

  • Desktop Environment UI is still software rendering, hardware acceleration is unavailable