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Fydetab Duo

Introducing Fydetab Duo

Fydetab Duo is the world's first consumer-grade "Google-optional" Chromium OS tablet. It can be your new daily driver for work, study and entertainment and a powerful companion for your open-source development journeys.

  • A flagship tablet designed to impress, perform and last with industry-leading ARM SoC and key components.
  • Powered by FydeOS - a proven Chromium OS distro that has been maintained for over 6 years and has millions of users worldwide.
  • An open-source platform with an excellent opportunity to understand what is happening beneath the surface and customise and personalise your experience by booting an operating system built from source code.

Fydetab Duo is designed by Fyde Innovations, the company behind FydeOS - a proven alternative approach to chromeOS, with or without Google.

Operating system options

Fydetab Duo is designed to run FydeOS by default. However, you may also boot and run other open-source operating systems.

Factory default OS: FydeOS quick start

When you first press the power on button on your Fydetab Duo and boot it up for the first time, you will be greeted by FydeOS.

On the first boot, FydeOS will initiate what is usually called the "out-of-box experience" - a fancy way of saying "activation wizard". During OOBE, it will ask for certain information such as your language, keyboard layout, wifi details, user account details and credentials. Most of these should be self-explanatory.

It's worth mentioning that you can choose from using a FydeOS account, a Google account or a completely offline "local account" to continue using FydeOS. If you have yet to have a FydeOS account or a Google account, you are also given the option to create one right on the page. Using an online account with FydeOS will enable extra cloud-powered functionalities, for example, profile and preferences synchronisation.

Once you are landed on the desktop, you can start your journey by launching the "browser" app to access your favourite web apps. FydeOS will also prompt you to activate the "Android subsystem" by sending you a system notification; if you follow the instructions and accept the Terms, you can utilise the built-in Android support to run thousands of Android apps. Do check out the FydeOS Store; it's a good starting point to install some of the essentials.

If you know your way around the Linux command line, you can also enable the Linux subsystem within FyedOS to utilise a fully self-contained Debian 11 environment. You can find it under the "FydeOS settings" - "Developer" tab.

It's recommended to familiarise yourself with the website, and I am sure the contents will help you navigate through the daily usage of FydeOS.

Alternative operating systems

Flashing the Fydetab Duo

Here is a step-by-step guide for flashing a new OS onto your Fydetab Duo

  1. To make Fydetab Duo boot into "maskrom" mode
    • Connect your Fydetab Duo to a computer that you intend to use to perform the OS flash, then power off your Fydetab Duo
    • Press the volume up button and hold it, then press the power button to power up the device
    • Your Fydetab Duo should boot into "maskrom" mode where you should see the screen lit up but displays nothing
    • It's all about timing; if your Fydetab Duo accidentally boots into an OS, you can repeat the process until it reaches the "maskrom" mode

  2. Utilising the image flash tool provided by Rockchip
    1. Using Linux
      cd foundation-rk3588/rk3588-image-maker
      sudo ./Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool uf <filename of the update image>.img

    2. Using macOS
      sudo ./upgrade_tool uf <filename of the update image>.img

    3. Using Windows

Hacking your Fydetab Duo

Understand the booting process


Crack open your Fydetab Duo

Key hardware components

Fydetab Duo EE schematics

File:Fydetab Duo Schematic.pdf


"PNC357DB1-4" by Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics

<TODO: add screen spec pdf>



<TODO: add RAM datasheet pdf>

Keyboard and touchpad

<TODO: add description and firmware details on keyboard and touchpad>